Update Your Space

I have always had a passion for creating especially when it comes to where I live and what I wear. So naturally, I found myself in the Bachelor of Applied Interior Design program at Mount Royal University. After completing my degree, I worked as an Interior Designer for 5 years until I replaced my income with an ongoing income online. As much as I enjoy designing interiors, I love spending time with my family more. Now my passion goes into redesigning our home for our family and dreaming up future properties.

1. Change Your Floor Look

Entering a new season always gets me excited to change the way our space looks. Now that it is finally spring in Calgary, we put away our white shag rug and brought out our hot pink rug. Yes…I have seasonal rugs! We have two rugs that we rotate. The white shag looks great in the fall and winter and adds a cozy touch while our hot pink rug adds a nice pop of color in the spring and summer. Our summer rug is also super forgiving so when the kids run from outside to inside with or without shoes the rug hides it all! You could also go from having a rug to having a bare floor in the spring or summer to change up your look.

2. Update Your Pillows

This update is such an easy go-to and it can totally change the way your space feels. In the winter we have a number of different fur pillows that give a very cozy feel. In the spring we store all of our fur pillows under our master bed and bring out a couple of simple pillows that require little attention. We update our pillows in our living room and bedrooms.

3. Rotate Your Artwork

I don’t do this every season. But once or twice a year I take a look at our artwork and if it doesn’t bring me joy anymore, I change it up. In our condo, I took down all of the artwork and relocated it. Taking all of the artwork off of a wall really helps you take another look at each wall and know if you need more artwork on that wall or less. Artwork doesn’t have to be expensive either. I look forward to the day we can invest in large original pieces but for now, our artwork is from friends, photos we’ve taken, or art we’ve made. We also use artwork to motivate us. Put your dreams and your values up on your walls. We have photos of our wedding because our marriage is an important value of ours. Pictures of travel or pictures of speaking on stage keep us looking forward to the future.

4. Reposition Your Furniture

Living in a condo, we have limited ways in which we can place our furniture, lol. But we will often move our kitchen table around to fit our changing needs, and we will make adjustments and improvements if something isn’t quite working anymore in its current location. Sometimes you need to just get rid of something too, if your space is feeling too crowded.