Staying Home…The Good News

It is nearing the end of March 2020 and this “staying home” business seems like it is here to stay for a while. But we are making the best of it.

Organize Your Life

With more time at home during this challenging time, we are looking for different ways to improve our lives.

One of those ways is to organize our life. Not just reorganizing our living space, but organizing our routines too. Currently we do a bit of homeschooling with the kids. We are taking this opportunity to spend 30 minutes after breakfast each morning to work on workbooks, projects, sticker books, or Lego (which is usually Parker’s go to).

Ella has such a love for “getting better and better”. There is a story dispenser at the Calgary Central Library (you press a button and the machine prints out a short story for you to read). Every time we went to the Library, Ella wanted to press this button which was starting to become a little wasteful because she/we wouldn’t read the stories. So Janelle told her that she could press the button once she learned how to read. Ever since then (which was almost 6 months ago) she is determined to learn her letters, and practice her reading.

Another area that we have reorganized in our lives is to wake up before our kids. This way we have a head start! This allows Devan to get ready for working from home and gives Janelle a chance to drink some coffee while spending time in her prayer binder, Bible and listing out her “to do’s” for the day.

  • 6:30 wake-up
  • 7:00 kids wake up and watch a show
  • 7:30 eat breakfast while dad starts work
  • 8:00 homeschool (sometimes mom sets up an activity for the kids to do related to what they are learning)
  • 8:30 kids play while mom gets ready and/or cleans house
  • 9:30 get kids out of pajamas finally & brush their teeth
  • 10:00 snack
  • 10:30 kids craft (get creative! I usually ask the kids what they want to make and we’ll find something on Pintrest to make and improvise if we don’t have all the necessary materials)
  • 11:00 kids play while mom gets lunch ready while we listen to a personal growth audio
  • 11:30 eat lunch & dad plays with kids during his break
  • 1:00 kids play on Ipads while mom gets through business voicemails and messages
  • 1:30 kids play with toys, books or playdough while mom finishes up anything else around the house and reads a personal growth book
  • 2:30 we go out for a walk or a bike ride. When we are out, we still look to say hi and connect with people around us while keeping the recommended distance. People are searching for connection right now.
  • 4:00 mom gets dinner ready
  • 4:30 Dad is done work and we eat dinner together
  • 5:30 we all go out for another walk or bike ride (even if the weather isn’t nice, we’ll still do a little walk around the block)
  • 6:30 play board games or card games with the kids
  • 7:30 get kids ready for bed
  • 7:45 kids bedtime. We are teaching to stay in their room after 7:45pm even if they aren’t tired. They can play games or read books together until they are tired and fall asleep.
  • 8:00 parents may do Zoom presentations for business owners and prospective business owners, make coaching calls, play virtual board games with family, and have time together as a couple.

The bolded portions of our schedule show that we are still focused on growth and productivity. Even though the world around us is in a challenging time, we can still focus on living our best life today.

You cannot control the events or circumstances of your life, but you can control your reactions.

by Dr. Caroline Leaf IN Switch on your brain