Oh Canada

This Canada Day looks a little different from others but that doesn’t change how proud we are to be Canadian. What are your plans this year? These are a few things we’re doing to help us celebrate this wonderful country.

Make Your Own Canadian Flag

Make your own flag with washable red paint and some white paper. We used just regular white printer paper. We first painted 2 red rectangles on one sheet of paper and cut them out when they were dry. Then we painted one hand and pressed that into the middle of the second sheet of paper. Paste the red rectangles on either side of the handprint to get your flag!

Paint a Canadian Flag on Your Window

We also painted a Canadian flag on our window. We live in a condo so we thought it would be nice to have a flag in the window for all of East Village to see.

All we did was tape out the Canadian flag with some painter’s tape. Then I freehanded the maple leaf in a red white erase marker (you could also use a washable red marker for this but maybe test it first to see if it is actually washable!) The maple leaf isn’t perfect but Parker said it looked good so we went with it. Then the kids painted it using washable red paint. Then remove the tape and voila!

Make Poutine

Next on our Canada day list is poutine! This picture is from The Big Cheese Poutinerie on 17th ave in Calgary. You can either head to this place for an amazing poutine of your choice or you can make your own.

Make our own poutine:

  1. Make french fries – We make our fresh potato fries in our Acti-fry but you could use frozen fries too and bake them in the oven.
  2. Make Gravy – We use Club House Gravy mix, they even have a specific poutine gravy mix but you can use whichever gravy mix you have on hand.
  3. Add Cheese – Now authentic poutine is made with cheese curds, but if you don’t like this or don’t want to go buy some we usually use shredded cheese of what we have on hand.
  4. Add all three together! = Pure Canadian deliciousness

Happy Canada Day from our family to yours!