How To Start A Business

Nine years ago we were twenty-two, newly married, and wondering if there was more to this life than waking up five days a week to an alarm clock, entering the rush hour commute and doing this on repeat possibly for the next forty years of our life! This terrified us because we knew we were created for more. We had dreams and goals of living a big life and our current way of creating income didn’t seem like it would ever create the life of our dreams.

Then we saw a lifestyle we desired. We connected with our cousins at a family wedding and they had the results we were looking for. They had started an online business that created ongoing income. They had spent the last 5-10 years investing their spare hours outside of their job into their own business. And now they were living off of the fruit of that effort.

1. Find Someone Living the Life You Want

Up until this point, we had been asked to find something we “loved” doing instead of the more important question: “How do you want to live?“. Janelle “loved” Interior Design, however, the lifestyle of owning a small business in that field didn’t give us the opportunity to raise our own kids full-time. Devan “loved” the idea of becoming a commercial pilot but that required him to spend days and possibly weeks away from our family. Therefore following your passion might not be the best advice out there. Find someone who lives a life you desire and PURSUE THEM! Ask them about their lifestyle, if they have the time and money that you desire to live your life. Then ask them how they did that. What helped them get there? What are some mistakes they made that you should avoid?

2. Start an Online Business

Our cousins began to mentor us on how they created their lifestyle. We started our online business within weeks after that initial conversation and started building a business that was almost entirely out of our comfort zone. But it was going to create the results we desired.

We built an online business instead of a traditional small buisness because:

  • overhead is low
  • you can work on it anywhere in the world
  • you don’t need someone stationed at the front desk or your storefront to make a profit. You can literally make money while you are sleeping.
  • you can reach an audience beyond your local market

3. Plug into Personal Growth

Business ownership was brand new to us when we started. However, it was not new to thousands of others who had already built businesses and succeeded. Some of those people have recorded audios, written books, and put on conferences. We started to immerse ourselves in a growth environment. This helped us create direction in our lives, it grew our self-belief, and it equipped us to start achieving our goals and dreams.

4. Treat Your Business Like a Business

We work with a variety of different people looking to start their own business. The difference between those who start to create a substantial income from it and those who make a couple of hundred dollars a month is how they treat their business. If you treat it like a hobby you will get hobby level results. If you treat it like a business you should expect to generate a sizeable income. Now even if you do give your business the time and energy it deserves, it might still take months before you start seeing your income grow. But if it has been years and your business is still hardly generating an income, you have to take a look at your priorities and make sure you devote time and energy into growing your business every day.

Owning our own business has provided us with so much more than a better way to create income. It has given us the opportunity to live the life of our dreams…

Start working towards your dream life today