We moved to the East Village, downtown Calgary on June 1st, 2019. This was always something we dreamed of doing, but it sounded like a crazy idea to many.

Photos by Evgenia Gaidanova – Be You Photography

Coming from a three bedroom house in the burbs to a 1000 sq.ft. condo downtown was a bit of a change to say the least….but we love it! By living here, we’ve chosen to live a more minimalist life. We achieved that by selling, donating or recycling things that we weren’t using day to day. It feels so good to know exactly what we have and knowing that it has a specific purpose.

Ironically, we are outdoors in nature more often than we were in the suburbs. Living in a small space and beside the Bow River and St. Patrick’s Island, makes us want to go outside to enjoy the best of what Calgary has to offer.

One of the main reasons we moved downtown was to be closer to people. Our business is a people business. It is so nice to be able to walk into a coffee shop outside our “front door” and meet new people daily.

We don’t know how long we’ll stay living in a downtown condo with kids, but for now it has been a fun adventure. Ella, who is four, still thanks us every few weeks for our “new home”. Ella and Parker ride their bikes everywhere because everything is so accessible. If we aren’t riding our bikes, we’re walking to the library, the zoo, the playground, art galleries and coffee shops. Or we are taking the train to anywhere else we want to visit.

We love it here

Moments from stepping outside of our building, we are connecting with new people or seeing friends and neighbours. We love it here. However as the kids get a bit older we know they won’t love sharing a room as much as they do now. Having a backyard and room for family to stay with us would also be a plus. Condo living isn’t for everyone but for now it is definitely for us.